Many of us have favourite colors that we return to again and again throughout our lives – our comfort color. At other times we choose according to mood or season. But there are times when we want something more exciting than the norn, more stimulating and vibrant. If you know you want something more but don’t know where to start, consider the following;

  • One color themes

Choose an accessory with one color, but add variety through the different shapes, sizes and tone.

Vivid Blue Elegant set Kshs 1,600/=

Vivid Blue Elegant set (Earrings, Neck piece & Bracelet)
Kshs 1,600/=

  • Color Families

Limit yourself to two or three colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel for gentle harmony. Blue, turquoise and green for example, yellow, orange and red, or blue through purple.

Green and Gold Elegant Neckpiece with Matching earrings set.
Kshs 1,400/=

  • Complementary colors

These are colors opposite each other on the color wheel that, when placed together make each other appear brighter and bolder. Try combining yellow with purple, green with red, and blue with orange for the brightest contrasts. For a subtler effect choose less of a contrast as in the ever popular combination of blue and yellow.

Kiddie Bracelets

Kiddie Bracelets
@ Kshs 300/=

  • Themes

These are a great way of devising a color story. Simply think of a theme, such as water, fire, rainbow and then select colors, patterns and textures that feel fulfill the brief

Raibow Stone Neckpiece - Code: RSN 1

Raibow Stone Neckpiece - Code: RSN 1
Kshs 1,300/=

Whatever your comfort color, remember that Ebviuma always customizes it to your preference, detail and even design.