A friend told me about the Mavuno Series #FriendsWithBenefits and I had to share the inspiring sermon.
Remember, you are made in God’s image. And that God gave you instincts to master, and not to be mastered by.
Have a Blessed Sunday.


<pThis month we’ve been going through a series called ‘Finders Keepers: How To Find and Keep The One’. We’re learning some foundational principles from scripture about how to enter into and conduct healthy romantic relationships. As we’ve said all along, this series is for you whether you’re hoping to enter a romantic relationship, whether you’re already in a relationship or married and even if you’re not entertaining the idea of entering into a romantic relationship now or in the near future. Our first principle … was that in a time when everyone around us is looking for a relationship to meet their needs, stop searching for the one, be the one!‘ Then we focused on Deal Breakers and we learnt that the most important foundation for an intimate marriage is One Leader, One Love! Last week was Buyer’s Remorse when we talked about the…

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